Objectives of save Women Safe Women

Save Women Safe Women- Powered By Anupma Foundation. A campaign a seminar and group discussion organized by joint efforts.

    Raising awareness on the issue of gender violence and analyze the causes and factor of violence committed against women.

    Analyzing the impact of violence against women victims and their families in the society.

   Ensuring that women are safe round the clock.

    Sensitizing the Citizens to do to prime facie help any women in crisis.

    Stringent Laws and proper implementation.

    Moral policing of public in general and bringing its awareness through parents at home & teachers in school.

    Open forum for all the suggestion on women related issue in curbing down the crime against women and changing the perception to look towards them with respect.

    Collecting ideas and suggestions in order to use them for tackling violence against women.

    Giving recommendations and concert proposals to Government for elimination and preventions of violence against women.

    Empowerment and development of women through livelihood skills.