Anupma Foundation has taken the initiative to outcome the crime against Women. The outcomes are the awareness for the Feminine Gender We assist women's in terms of support.

We are successful in building the stable and independent Management with motivational programs, and motivate the members to break the cycle of domestic violence. Each year we educate around thousands women's for job training through skilled NGO members.


Economic Independence of Women

The biggest drawback of our society is that we never make our women economically independent. This is the primary reason for their deteriorating situation because they are dependent on their male counterparts for every petty need and are suppressed by them which do not let them raise their voice against anything wrong being done to them. Anupma Foundation has taken an initiative in this direction by engaging women in income generating activities to increase income. We arrange various training camps for making them learn new skills to earn livelihood. Once they have skill in their kitty, they can easily earn their living with full dignity without any exploitation.

Medical Awareness Among Women

Medical negligence is a serious issue for girls in our country. A scientific study has revealed that even a serious condition like congenital heart disease (CHD) cannot stir the parents of a girl child when they can do anything to save their sons suffering from similar disease. Parents of only 22% girls opt for corrective surgery as compared to boys where this percentage is about 70%. It is the time for arousing and take action as there are only 927 girls for 1000 boys. Anupma Foundation started a campaign to save girl child called 'EK koshish'. This campaign is a wakeup call for the society at large to take a part in this initiative and bring about a positive change in the life of every under privileged girl. Held under the auspices of our organization, this campaign aimed for the eradication of evils like female feticide, infanticide, malnutrition, and promotion of the basic nutrition, education, and living standards for the girls. This charitable program had performances by renowned TV artist Krishna Abhishek, Aarti Singh and others and it was attended by an audience of around 500. All the funds collected were diverted for the treatment of underprivileged girls suffering from CHD and

Pledge To Protect Girl child Stop Crime Against Women

In a developed society, no one can grow and prosper unless we have safe and protective environment for everyone including the women. This is not only a problem in India but all over the world. Even the most developed nation like U.S.A. is not free of crime against women. States indicate that the rate of crime against women is quite alarming there. So is the case in our country but instead of being comparative with others, we need to be alert and curb this crime rate. At Anupma Foundation, we intend to make our women strong and capable to fight for themselves. We teach them the skills of self- defense to face any such situation with courage.

Equal Right of Expression

Anupma foundation believes that every member of the family has equal right of expression. We strive to enable the women to come out of their shell and exercise their powers within families and communities. We educate them regarding their social and legal rights as an equal citizen of a democracy. It gives them increased access into their social network and makes them more vocal about the enjoyment of their rights, equality and justice.

Stop Declining Sex-Ratio

As per the consensus, the sex ratio in the age group 0 - 6 years plunged from 1010 in 1941 to 927 in 2001. The situation becomes graver by a decline from 927 females per 1000 males in 2001 to 914 females in 2011. It is in fact the most shameful figure as compared to any other developed or developing nation across the world. This rapidly declining sex ratio is a serious demographic challenge for our country and policy makers. There is a serious need to review our policies and laws to control this downfall of sex ratio before it creates a social chaos in our lives. Anupma Foundation works to spread awareness in the communities on this issue through seminars, symposiums, workshops and we try to suggest the measures required to be taken to eradicate this decline and to understand the need to save our girl child for a better future of our children with the help of our panel comprising dignitaries and experts who suggest comprehensive methods to serve this purpose.

Leaders of Tomorrow

We believe that women are the leaders of tomorrow. They can always be a better torch bearer to bring about revolutionary changes in the society. All we need to do is allow them to ignite this light of leadership in them at all levels. Women hold the highest post of dignity in many countries of the world. They have played significant role in development of their respective countries as well. At Anupma Foundation, we try to instill in such leadership traits in women by arranging seminars and workshop for them. Through these women's leadership workshops, we explore the future leaders of our nation in our women. We encourage them to take part in these workshops and realize their potential to lead our society towards a better world.