What We are doing

Girl child are discriminated against and exploited every where in the world even today.They need to be protected in the initial stages and then made self dependent for their survival. "Ek Koshish" is an effort in the direction of save girl child & providing necessary education, imparting certain vocational skills and creating employment opportunities for these girl child We are working for rights of girl child to be born and get equal status in society. We are determined to built a nation where every girl could attain the right to survival, protection development and participation. In the State of Uttar Pradesh, We are working towards to educate communities to cherish birth of girl child and resist social pressures to go in for pre birth sex selection and determination through public awareness, Nukkad Nataks, Symposium, seminars and camps. We are also supporting girls against medical negligence and vulnerable diseases. We also support women in income generating activities to increase their income like arranging various training camps, workshop and making them learn skills of earning livelihood.

Main Activities of the organization

In order to eradicate female feticide from the society, We started an ambitious project.Ek Koshish? (a campaign to save girl child) describing female feticide as disgrace to society. Project.Ek Koshish? was launched in 2010. Through this project a number of measures are been taken to change the prevalent social thinking and remove gender based discrimination by keeping in mind the goal of balanced sex ratio.

We do it by following measures:-

Highlighting the Achievements
Highlighting the Achievement of young girls through story telling sessions, showing movies, distributing literature.
Awareness Campaign PCPNDTAct
To check the female feticide, Prenatal diagnostic techniques (Regulation and prevention of misuse) Act 1994 was enacted.
Other Activities