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Ek Koshish

National Summit 2018-on combating sex selection The national conference on female feticide is bringing forth a great platform for doctors, researchers , scholars and CSO members from across india to discuss about creating a better solution and share their valuable knowledge and experience. The conference will try to build mutual understanding and ways to provide equal rights to every one who will participate in it. The conference shall be followed by dinner.

Objectives of Conference:-

  1. Understanding the ground realities and impediments, in the implementation of PCPNDT Act
  2. To debate the issue and to involve the Government departments, Medical fraternity and NGO’s in the consecutive process.
  3. To asses and analyze role of responsibilities of Doctors and other medical agencies.
  4. To formulate a strategy and develop a set of recommendation towards further prevention of female feticide.

  • Session1: Female Feticide Causes and effects of sex selective abortions.
  • Session 2: Preventing Female Feticide : Role of Government an Judiciary
  • Session 3; Laws against Female Feticide in India and their implementation
  • Session 4: Interactions with NGO’s and CSO on measures to prevent female feticide.
  • Session 5: Medical Council Of India FOGSI and other medical agencies and their role in carving female feticide.
Venue :Levan Suites Date : 30th November 2018 Timing : 4:00 pm Onwards”